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Womb Steaming 101

Join Guest Instructor Ashley Cozart of Cozart Wholistic Wellness on 6/10/18 at 3 pm for

#selfcaresunday at Sankofa Creations Spalon & Wellness.

$15 - Includes meditation, herbal womb tea blend and a chance to win a 30 minute V Steam Session.

Physical Benefits to Womb Steaming:

~Detoxes the whole body

~Increases energy

~Clearer Skin

~Increases Fertility

~Helps with female reproductive issues

~Sooths menstrual cycle pains and cramps

~Helps with infections

Spiritual Benefits to Womb Steaming:

~Inspires clarity and quiet mindfulness

~Connects you to the source of all creation through your organ of creation

~Enhances creativity and problem solving

~Takes you into deeper alpha and theta brain wave states for deep soul level healing


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