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Sankofa Creations Spalon believes that it is important to edify, equip and endow your body, soul and spirit with thankfulness, goodness and love. 

We can do that by honoring what serves us most and focusing our intentions. This activity can be in the form of meditation and prayer- gratitude to God for your very being. It could be fellowship with close friends or family. It could be giving reverence to your body (temple) by nourishing it with wholesome and nourishing food or perhaps even physical activity to boost your endorphins and lift your mood. It could be quiet contemplation and mindfulness- visualizing the unfolding of positivity and growth and being receptive to anything that needs to be stripped away. 

It could be learning something new or reinforcing a skill such as learning how to wear a headwrap or string waist beads or learning a breathing technique to use when you feel stressed. 

Whatever it is, ask yourself "What do I need to edify, equip and endow myself today?" And then take a few moments  (or plenty 😉)  and do what best serves your sense of wellbeing. 

Today, I honor the part of my self that desires to be still and rest, with reverence and honor for all that is. I am beside myself with gratitude. I give thanks for the essence of my being and yours, too. 

Leave a comment and let me know how you plan to take time out for you today. 💙


Our #SelfCareSeries class The Art of African Headwrapping debuts Feb 11 at 3 p in our newly expanded suite. 

Register here. Scroll down to classes and join us. 

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