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Radical Red Hot Transformation 🔥

From long blonde tips to a fire engine red mohawk bob!

Process: Cut Mohawk and shave sides of locs and then cut the long locs to a shorter precision bob. Lift hair to level 8. Add Red color and red color additive for a bright pop.

The hair was then set on red pipe cleaners for a tight curl set. The pipe cleaners can be left in the hair as long as you want (several weeks or more ) and then rods can be removed for curls.


Reds tend to fade the fastest so the recommendation for care would be to shampoo with a pigmented shampoo to revive the red from fading to the undertone prior to lightening.

Are you seeing red?? Book your transformation today!

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Question I have Wild Orchard on my ends, is their a pigmented shampoo to revive the bright color for my locs? Thanks 😊

Replying to

Hi! There isn’t a pigmented shampoo that pravana makes which is the brand of your wild orchid however occasionally going over the ends with a rinse ( like adore’s fuscia ) could help revive some of the vibrancy of that wild orchid.

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