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Things You Should Know…

If you have waist length locs or longer, then here are some important things to know when desiring curls. ➰

😫Things you should know when you have waist length locs or longer:

1. Your best bet for longer lasting spiral like curls is to use pipe cleaners or wrap a loc. Leave em in for at least a week or two if you feel like it.

1.(a) your curls will last a few hours if you use anything else. 😅 (I’m exaggerating but it damn sure felt like it)

2. Allow your hair TIME to dry. (Why you need to keep them in.

3. Don’t waste your time on any rods unless you want them curls to fall fast. The weight of the hair pulls the curls out faster.

4. If you just want your hair to bend- gone head and do it. 🙃🥴

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1 Comment

Yes definitely pipe cleaners for my next upcoming appt. I will bring my pipe cleaners. 😊💕

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