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I had an amazing evening celebrating the Best Boss's of Jacksonville Sunday January 21 at the Best Boss Black Tie Gala!!

I did not take home the win for Best Loctician however - I am still incredibly honored to have been nominated!! Some of the speakers of the evening shared incredible moments from their entrepreneurial journey that really touched my heart and fortified WHY I do what I do in the beauty industry and to stay resilient and inspired to become boss up every day in graced with an opportunity to help someone in their holistic beauty wellness transformation!

I want to thank you for voting for me and also the client who were chosen to attend the gala with me! I thank my family and friends for their constant support and love!! Thank you to Jasmine at JBlinksArtistry and Kimberly Taylor at Napturally Chic Salon for makeup and hair!!! Thank you to Adrienne Martin and her incredible staff at the Best Boss Group. The night was incredible and I want to share those moments with you!

Check out my video below:

Thank you for being apart of my Sankofa Journey!!

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Congratulations Sweetheart for you nomination for Best Loctician. You make us super proud everyday.

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Thank you so much honey!!!!! You inspire ME everyday.

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