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Houston... there are NO problems! 😉

Every other month, Sankofa Creations Spalon & Wellness travels to Houston, Tx for a beauty wellness pop Up! Aside from making natural hair magic, I patronize plenty taco spots and museums. This time the temps dropped so that 86’d the photo shoot planned at the arboretum and botanical gardens. ☹️ Listen...that park will be there when it warms up! Lol!!

Anyway I had the most amazing AirB&B with Sheri in the Heights. She laid out all the amenities and even made me my own parking sign. 🥰 (Yep, I’m loved) Houston is the ultimate foodie city- I visited #fieldandtides and ate myself into a NAP! And THEN a little people watching ice skating fun at the #GalleriaMall . I also saw a man dressed like something out of a blaxploitation movie. I dare NOT post the pic I took. I already need to repent.

At first I felt a little sad missing both my #InnerCircleBookClub meeting AND my radio show #NaturallyKonnected powered by The Plug on Praise 107.9 FM.

BUT when I really thought about it, this is what I prayed for. The power of collaboration in a foundation of trust and support is everything! Often times we worry about missing out on stuff or feeing left out but that’s just the ego playing tricks on you. It’s a blessing to have a living breathing embodiment of TEAM! And team work makes the dream work!

I‘m inspired to duplicate this type of support at The Spalon as we purpose to deliver integrity and professionalism in an atmosphere of peace! It’s coming!!!

I have some of the most amazing clients. Here are some snaps of the Sankofa Creations Spalon Experience! Oh and we dance too. Ill

save the dance videos and the yoga videos for next time. I was NOT mastering the happy baby pose. 🤦🏾‍♀️

peace and blessings

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Love it. You’re doing your thing. I’m so very proud of you and happy for you.

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