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#TILT - Things I Love Thursday

Hey good people!

Can you believe it is already mid February? Where has the time gone? Back in 2013 I was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers Gala Darling, to do weekly gratitude posts called Things I Love Thursday.

I started with well intentions and then it kind of got away from me... much like my calendar.

Anyway, here is to a new start. And I hope you will join in and keep me accountable to this weekly activity of gratitude. When we approach this day (or any day) with thanksgiving, we give humble acknowledgement of a power greater than ourselves to live fully and appreciative, honoring the moments with graciousness. Not every moment of our lives is bathed in splendor but shifting our focus to being thankful and zeroing in on things to be thankful about, shifts my perspective tremendously.

Right now, at this very moment, I am overwhelmed with stuff. Deadlines. Goals. Ideas, Expansion. I am juggling a handful of STUFF that would make you weep at the thought. Or maybe not. Its all in how you you look at it. I could choose to be morose, angry and anxious or I could choose to shift my heart space and shine the light on all the incredible wonderful things to be thankful for. Just like that.

LaDonna's #TILT List.

1. Lotus Biscoff Cookies. Run to Publix and get some. Thank me later.

2. Amazon Tap. I said Alexa play some music... I was thinking smooth jazz and she started a playlist. (How did she know?!)

3. Beautiful red roses blooming in my salon window.

4. The taste of peppermint hyssop and rose hip tea. I can actually "taste" it. Thanks to #5.

5. I am recovering from whatever rude ailment took over my body last week.

6. It is such a beautiful sunny day!!!

7. I haven't read a single headline news story today! YAY Me! :)

8. Looking through old photos of my kids and my family and smiling.

9. I am still receiving book gifts in the mail. Today I got a readers guide to C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters.

10. In my pocket I am carrying a beautiful Howlite crystal egg. It helps to sooth emotions and ease anxiousness and reduce tension and stress.

Here's to using the light within to shed the light on the power of gratitude. Oh and starting again. I hope you will join me and help keep me accountable. I would love to hear what things you are thankful for. Leave a comment of your own TILT list. Lets shine together.


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