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Curls After 6 Weeks?

Your natural hair has curl memory and retention, especially locs that have been set properly and dried adequately.

My client recently cut her almost waist length locs into a manageable bob but we still do her signature curls with a curling tool called Loc Loops. These are foam style rollers that allow you to roll locs (any size) with ease. Once the hair is dry, the rollers are carefully removed to reveal beautiful bouncy curls that eventually fall into a cute tousled curl or waves. (this is largely based on your care of your locs - wrapping your hair / wearing a bonnet or loc sock to sleep and a shower cap

for baths etc. Make sure it Is large enough to accommodate your hair entirely. )

Check out my video to see how my clients curls lasted after 6 weeks.

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more info:

*This service included a root color touch up, loc retwist and additional curl set.

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