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Tuesday’s Are For Taco’s..I Mean Texture. 😉

Spring is SPRINGING and it’s a good time for long loc wearers to protect the crown because the pollen is OUT! I love this quick updo for long locs that can be achieved by pulling all the hair forward, then starting from the nape of the head, twist the locs toward each other and tie the ends, repeating as you go toward the top of the crown. With the left out hair- you can wear it hanging or use try these options for texture styling:

  1. Rod the ends with rollers for a curls.

  2. Braid the loose hairs for crimps.

  3. Pin up option 1 or 2.

  4. Barrel twist the ends and sew it down.

and VOILÀ!!! You have a versatile loc style that can provide multiple options for wear. Perfect for day time at the office and a night out at your favorite taco spot. 🌮

Hey 🤷🏾‍♀️, what can I say? It is Tuesday, ain’t it? And you know I love a good Taco!

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