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love yourself enough ...

Enough to stand up for yourself on the inside when it feels like everything is falling down on the outside 

Enough to be delighted with joy because you know that you are love - it’s source is in you

Enough to move past illusions of feeling unworthy and unappreciated

Enough to trust that you are not forgotten or forsaken 

Enough to believe in your dreams, goals and visions anyway 

Enough to be a bright light in the midst of dark shadows

Enough to hand over your lesser for greater, even if you can’t see it yet 

Enough to muster the energy to smile 

Enough to raise your vibration higher when you feel low because you know it raises the collective consciousness 

Enough to continually remember all the beauty that rests inside of you

Enough to confidently know that YOU matter  

Enough to know that loving yourself is the bedrock of loving others

Enough to know that you are enough


LaDonna Grafton 

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