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Two Strand Petal Updo

One of my longtime clients wanted something to help beat the Illinois heat and this multi styled look was perfect.


Loc Maintenance (add on Loc Pinup Style)

*When booking don’t forget to add on a style, especially if you know your style will require any pinups, twists, braids or be multi styled like this one (twisted, pinned up AND petals).


Two stranded sections of her locs & created an updo. The ends of the twists were put into loc petals in the front. The entire look was sewn down instead of using hair pins. Perfect for travel, outdoor experiences or anything else!


Multiple styles in one!! I could keep going with options but here are some suggestions on how to maximize this style.

  1. Easily remove the thread for a wilder and free petal look.

  2. Remove the petals and wear textured bangs to the side.

  3. Swoop the textured hair in front to create a front bun, bang or full pin up.

  4. Release the updo in the back and pull all the hair into a high pony or bun.

  5. Release the two strands in entire head and wear a curly textured look down or up- your choice!

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