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Starter Micro Locs

After a consultation, my client decided to start her loc journey with micro locs installation. Micro locs are smaller than traditional locs but a little bigger than sista locs and involve using a crochet tool to loc the loose natural hair from ends to root. This process took about 11 hours from start to finish due to the density and length of the hair. She will return in about 8-10 weeks for retie (retightening) of the new growth.

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About Sankofa Creations Spalon

Sankofa Creations Spalon and Wellness

offers a holistic beauty wellness experience for clients  to reclaim their  natural beauty.  Based in Jacksonville, FL and servicing Houston, TX, The Spalon is a sacred healing space which specializes in therapeutic beauty services in an atmosphere of tranquility,professionalism and integrity. Our services provide a natural and chemical free solutions to natural hair maintenance and styling.

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