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Spalon Etiquette 101

A list of things Sankofa Creations Spalon wishes you would stop doing.

Listen. Every now and again, I have to do a housekeeping post or an announcement to make sure we all are on the same page. That page meaning = providing a holistic beauty wellness experience  that is conducive to tranquility,professionalism and is heavy on integrity and mutual respect.

This is my reason for being and everything else flows from the center of this mission.

In an effort to be transparent with you, there are just some things this spalon owner, master natural hair stylist and loctician wishes you knew were not ok. I know you care otherwise you would not come to this holistic hair sanctuary. And I care enough to place boundaries around the sanctity of what I’ve spent 20+ years creating.

Unapologetically, but with an immense amount of consideration, I present this exhaustive list of things I wish some patrons of my business would cease doing immediately.

  1. Asking us to fix a style after an appointment because you’ve messed it up.

  2. Asking if we could take a post dated check or payment at a later date. Y’all don’t do Nordstrom or Dillards like that, so stop trying our small business. 👊🏾

  3. Arriving late beyond the 15 min grace period or not at all.

  4. Asking if we can “squeeze in “ several appointments at the last minute. Best practice 📆 : Book before you leave.

  5. Ignoring safety and security policy - (Bringing extra guests and/or little ones, trying to arrive after the grace period, etc.).

  6. Leaving our restrooms a mess 💩 🚽.

  7. Eating food and drink under the dryer and making a mess.

  8. Asking to have an appointment on off days & after hours.

  9. Canceling at the last minute but then expecting to be fit  in somewhere immediately when we have  been booked for months.

  10. Putting all kinds of product, edge control, waxes etc in your hair and then at your appointment you have mad buildup. We will add on extra for that 4th and 5th shampoo plus detoxing.

  11. Ignoring the numerous appointments reminders emails and texts and then becoming  👉🏾 a no call no show.

  12. After having been told the desired color is damaging, you either do it at home or have someone else do it to which your hair is now falling out and damaged and you want us to miraculous fix it.

  13. Texting your stylist on the personal cell after hours, in the middle of the night & early morning.

  14. 14(b) - Texting stylist for an appointment instead of booking through the appointment scheduler for appointments 🤷🏾‍♀️. Some of y’all don’t even try.

  15. Taking personal calls/ conference calls / loud music/TikTok on speaker while you are under the dryer, yelling/ talking loudly & disturbing other patrons and service providers. Be courteous- use your headphones and keep your voice at a respectable volume.

  16. Waiting until you come inside the business to empty your lunch trash, car trash or other stinky food.

  17. Dropping by the salon without an appointment.

  18. Trying to add on chemical services and/or technical styles or switch the appointment type ENTIRELY without having booked it in advance.

  19. Not having your  prior style (braids and twists etc) removed before the appointment.

  20. Talking on the phone at the shampoo bowl.

Feel free to discuss any of the above with us if you have any questions or concerns. Our priority to is make sure Sankofa Creations Spalon is a conducive environment for holistic beauty wellness and the experience is one that you will love coming back to.

Thank you!


Hey! The calendar is open for end of September! Book your appointments now!

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