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Disclaimer: I originally wrote this blog post 2 years ago!!! I did not realize that it was in my drafts but better late than never because I get to live in this beautiful moment AGAIN! So without further ado... here are my Best Society Gala thoughts. :)

Man oh man! I was so happy to hear my name called as winner of “Best Salon“ in Jacksonville by the BEST Society on Jan 11, 2020. I was surrounded by so many friends who were all happy and cheering for me.

It was a bittersweet moment as I took to the podium to accept my award from news media hosts #genedotcom and #dawnlopez (who said she loved the name of my ”Spalon”. (#ooowww)

I stood up there and tried my best to be in the moment but deep inside my heart was some sadness. Not one person from my immediate family was there to celebrate and cheer me on. I noticed after the fact, that the day I won this award was also my birth sisters birthday who has been missing for several decades. This did NOT spoil my fun evening of celebration but I did tuck it in the back of my mind for just a quick second.

I say all this to say that sometimes people see your glory but they do not know your story. I’ve been at this for over 2 DECADES and over a decade of it working a traditional corporate 9-5 while running my business(es) full time. (See my Bio.) I am able to hold my head up because while this journey has not been easy- it has been worth it.

So friends, if I had not said it enough- THANK YOU for allowing me to tend to your precious crowns. THANK YOU for receiving my professional advice even when you had made your mind up! Lol! THANK YOU for allowing me to serve your soul while you sat in my chair and let go of whatever happened during your day. THANK YOU for your kind words and recommending my business with scrutiny and vetting them thoroughly before you shared my number. (‘cause as my clients say “look here- don’t be going up there wasting her time and taking up our appointment times!!”) 😩🤣🤣

But seriously, THANK YOU for helping this business spread her sankofa bird wings by word of mouth - your testimony is what helps me win everyday. THANK YOU Adrienne Martin and The Best Society for creating a platform of honor for African American Entrepreneurs in Jacksonville, FL.

I love you.

peace and blessings.

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Erika Burke
Erika Burke
Jun 06, 2022

Great moment indeed!!

Replying to

Thank you for being apart of it. ♥️

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