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Down To Earth

Lately I’ve been doing some study on the benefits of earthing and grounding.  

Grounding is the connecting to the Earth which is endowed with electrons (like an anti oxidant for your body). When you slip your shoes off and connect with the subtle yet powerful energy of Mothet Earth- it supports organ systems and cellular functions of the entire body.  


The Earth is electrical and we (humans) are bio electric being. Direct connections with ground allows us to receive an infusion of energy. Your personal daily dose of Vitamin G! (Grounding) 

Doing this daily helps to harmonize your body’s bio rhythms, reduce inflammation (which is the underlying trigger of chronic pain and illness) and pain in your body, helps reduce ailments like TMJ or pains like PMS. It helps induce a feeling of calmness and peaceful serenity. 

Start your journey of removing health disorders and pain by  exploring this self healing modality by earthing your body. I make this apart of my daily practice of self care to feel better in my body and spirit. 

Let me know your thoughts and how you feel after grounding your body. 💙



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