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How Do I Love Thee?

One evening in late January,while sitting in the movies, I ran my fingers through my locs. I fingered my curly roots and gently tugged at the tendrils of curls on the ends of my locs. I felt the uneven landscape of bumpy matted pieces of hair within each loc and I began to think about what these strands have endured over the past 19 years of growth.

If I were to be honest, I can admit, even as a licensed hair care professional, expert and specialist, the meticulous care of my hair has not always been at the forefront of my mind. My intentions are to present to my clients and the eyes of the world that yes, locs can be groomed and maintained to look professional. Locs do belong. They have meaning and purpose. That they aren't just a fad looking to fill an identity void of a forgotten culture. Nope. They are loved. They are adorned. They are cared for and manicured. My locs matter.

Yet, when I felt the strands on my head, my locs told a different story. They cried out in dehydration, desperate to be quenched with moisture to cure their dryness. Some of them stretched out to me, reaching for attention to mend the spaces left ajar by atrophy. They were begging for a little attention, some r&r, if only a steamy respite from the harsh pollutants of the elements.

As I caressed my scalp I made a vow to take a little more time to show them some love. There were things I could do to make them feel a little more loved. Mentally I made a short list of how I can show my affection:

1. A cleansing and energizing bath of chamomile, honey and peppermint or tea tree to lift away the residue and stress

2. A detoxifying soak of activated charcoal or bentonite and acv (apple cider vinegar)

3. A hot stone massage to sooth the scalp and wear away any tension and stress

4. A hydration steam to replenish moisture balance

5. A restorative mask or treatment to give life to dulling strands

6. A moisturizing and stimulating rosemary herbal oil tonic

7. A light pruning or locksmithing to minimize hairs gone astray

8. A reinforcement and repair session to fortify weakened locs

9. A retwist or interloc of my roots to keep my locs well groomed

10. A beautiful style of curls, crimps, basketweave, braids or twists on them to induce head turning stares and plenty of compliments

Sometimes all it takes is a little intentional TLC. Do your locs need some lovin'?

How do I love thee? Schedule an appointment with me and let me count the ways...



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